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Trunky Tuner: Guitar Slam

Introducing Trunky Tuner - a fun and easy way to tune your guitar and ukulele! This game makes tuning a fun challenge - get in tune to shoot some hoops! Perfect for beginners of all ages, all you need is a guitar or ukulele to play!

Join Trunky and his fun-loving jungle friends: grab a real guitar or ukulele and tune each string in turn. Our animal friends give you hints to go higher or lower with responsive feedback. Once in tune Trunky shoots the ball! Score!

Have fun while you do a quick tune-up or change tunings between songs! 

Tuning doesn't have to be a boring chore - play the game to stay in tune, and get yourself ready for your musical journey!

- A handy guitar and ukulele tuner mini-game - essential for any budding musician
- Easy-to-follow tuning tutorial
- Jam with cute and fun-loving jungle animals!
- Need other tuning presets? Unlock 30 different guitar and ukulele tunings!

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